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Website development


What makes the website effective when using it.


Corresponding to the commercial objectives of the company and the characteristics of the target audience.


We create sites with adaptive exclusive design of any level of complexity.

We create and promote commercial sites, catalog sites, landing page and and online stores.

Website creation

Every business owner, sooner or later, thinks about creating his own website. This is not surprising, because today a high-quality Internet resource is one of the most effective tools for promoting goods or services. It should be noted that the cost of developing a site is negligible when compared with the benefits that it brings to its owner. But, of course, we are talking about work done by real professionals who have extensive experience and know their job perfectly. If you want money and time not to be wasted, you should order a site in a company with an impeccable reputation and positive reviews.

Are you looking for where to order an online store or a business card site? Turn to the best!

Today, the development of Internet resources is a very popular service. Therefore, there are an incredible amount of proposals to order a corporate website, online store or landing page in the domestic market. Unfortunately, among the studios working in this area, there are companies whose employees strive to earn at any cost. For the manufacture of sites, prices in such "offices" are usually overpriced, and paid services are imposed on customers, which they do not need at all.

If you are looking for developers for your company's website and want to get the highest quality result, contact ASoft, one of the leaders in Russian web development. We are ready to offer a full range of services, from the creation of simple landing pages to corporate sites and large-scale information portals. No matter what you plan to order - a landing page or a large online store - we will always offer you the best prices and the most reasonable terms.

What sites are we developing?

Landing Page

A modern one-page site that allows a visitor to show goods or services in a favorable light and push him to buy.

Site catalog

We will help you create an electronic catalog and post it on the Internet. Structurally, the electronic catalog resembles an online store.

Corporate website

It is in the appearance and convenience of the site that your potential client will have a first impression of your company.

Online store

An interactive site with a catalog in which goods and services are presented, as well as a basket for placing an order.

Our advantages


Before starting development, we immerse ourselves in the client’s business in detail, which allows us to create cool resources that maximize the customer’s company’s tasks.


We make resources that are convenient for users and are well received by the search engines Yandex, Google, etc.


Each stage of creating custom websites is carefully monitored. We use a modern crm system.


We are ready to offer a suitable option for creating a website for almost any task and budget - from a turnkey solution to an individual development.

Website Stages

We work on the concept of the site, expressive images, strong texts, we are engaged in development, and we manage the project.

We study topics, look at competitors' sites, and discuss the strengths of business. We are thinking about how to stand out among similar proposals.
We develop an ergonomic interface for the site. Elements and structure are demonstrated on a detailed prototype. We correct and approve page layouts.
We draw pages of a site. We take into account the wishes of the customer, make adjustments, look for the ideal.
The drawn pages of the site are translated into digital form view. We use modern technologies and effects.
We implement the necessary functions, configure user interfaces.
After completing the site programming phase, we test the components and configure the implemented functions.
1. Analytics
2-3 days
2. Prototype
4-7 days
3. Design
12 days
4. Layout
4 days
5. Code writing
8-9 days
6. Testing
2 days

All in one place. From creation to website promotion!

Is the site created and ready to go? We offer related services to make it even more convenient, productive and profitable. All in one company: order and buy a website, promote it in search results and ensure attendance, launch advertising, connect an online consultant and set up a newsletter for clients, keep track of applications and monitor employee performance.

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