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Connection and setup of computer equipment
IT Outsourcing

IT Outsourcing

Subscription service for computer equipment.

What is IT Outsourcing?

In simple words, this is an incoming system administrator who monitors the operation of your company's IT infrastructure and is engaged in the maintenance of computers and other peripheral equipment.

Computer service

Digital technology every day penetrates deeper into our lives, requiring us to constantly increase the level of computer literacy. But it’s hard to disagree with the fact that everyone should do their own thing and less and less require modern, repair, tuning and maintenance of computers and office equipment.

Outsourcing IT Services

Many companies employ a specialist who performs maintenance of computer equipment and is fully responsible for the operability of all digital devices and networks used to solve certain problems. But in some cases, for example in a small office, the services of a system administrator are needed only from time to time. In this case, keeping an entire staff unit, paying her wages and making various deductions to the budget is not at all profitable.

The outsourcing services offered by our company is a simple and profitable solution to such a personnel issue. You conclude an agreement with our company and use the professional skills of our specialists. Experience shows that such cooperation is more effective than attracting a full-time specialist, because you get the opportunity to use the resource of a whole team of professionals who are experts in certain areas of IT technology.

What are we doing

Fix glitches

We quickly find the causes of problems and eliminate failures in the IT infrastructure. We will help minimize business losses associated with IT malfunctioning.

Remote support

We conduct user consultations on all issues of interest to them. We provide unlimited support by phone and e-mail, as well as organize remote administration.

Maintenance work

We check backups. We provide effective anti-virus protection. We install security-relevant information updates. We help prevent serious incidents.

What are we doing

Problem management

We will help you find and eliminate hidden IT problems, the so-called "time bombs" in time.

Service Request Management

We advise your staff on IT issues. We are installing new jobs. We help to get mailboxes.

Change management

Any change in your IT infrastructure can be planned. We also prepare a plan for returning to the starting point.

We manage the quality of service

Your complete satisfaction with the quality of our IT services is our priority. Our IT specialists will take care of your IT, working in accordance with the ISO 9001 quality system.

Why is it more profitable with us

Staff Administrator

IT Outsourcing

Our advantages

Always ready

Provide remote support instantly. Arrival of an engineer within 1 hour

Number of trips

The number of emergency visits of a specialist is not limited

Data security

We are introducing an intelligent automatic backup system.

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Monthly fee

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